Baby Minder

BABY MINDER - The Mini Wireless Sensor temperature detector

Major Function:
• Monitoring babies and children temperature variations 24 hours a day
• Alarm alert warning for any temperature higher or lower than normal
• Auto power saving function
• Water resistance (sensor only)
• Set the alarm points
• Temperature displays in C or F


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Bonpet is automatic extinguishing ampoule, because of its method of operation, enables you to assure fire protection of potential fire sources even on locations that so far have not, due to economic reasons, had the possibility of having an appropriate and needed fire protection with the installation of large fixed fire safety systems.

Bonpet ampoule is a unique automatic fire extinguishing instrument that was, by the Japanese Ministry of Transport, granted a permission and recommendation as an automatic extinguishing instrument that is in accordance with the safety of vessels regulations.


The intended use of Bonpet ampoule:
Bonpet extinguishing ampoules are intended for the use of automatic extinguishing of initial fires in small enclosed areas where potential fire sources are normally present - usually such fire sources are electrical installations in continuous operation. Constant presence of human control is not assured.

They are required at all the areas where human access to the area is difficult and where opening would accelerate the progress of fire in the area.

Examples of installing ampoules in enterprises: